Still The Enemy Within

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Still the Enemy Within coverIn 1984, Margaret Thatcher labelled 160,000 striking miners, their families and supporters, ‘The Enemy Within’.  It was to be the longest industrial dispute in British history.

As the strike began, a group of miners emerged that were prepared to fight on the front line of every major battle.  They were demonised by the media and despised by the government.

Dubbed ‘Arthur’s Army’, they were to lead a fightback that would not just rock the government but would change British society forever.

 Bad Bonobo’s first feature documentary,  uncovers the hidden story of these remarkable people and their role in the Great Miners Strike of 84 – 85.   It looks at a country at war, and the ordinary men and women who were forced to step on to the stage of history to fight for their communities.

Why did they fight? What was it really like to be on the front line of such a huge confrontation?  What was the impact on their lives?  What was the cost?

This documentary will be a unique insight into one of Britain’s most dramatic struggles, told from the front line.

With the 30th anniversary approaching, there has never been a better time to tell their story.